Casement Windows

Standard windows verses tucon's burglar resistant window

This is a security test that clearly show the performance of a standard windows that has espagonnette locks that are common in the window industry and Tucon’s high security windows with added security , twin cam locking mechanism , hinge guards , steel reinforced, internally beaded etc…  Which window do you want protecting your home when you are at work or on holidays ?

TUCON windows for a warmer home

Our bespoke windows are made to fit each home’s unique character just right. Providing high security windows as standard, TUCON’s stylish fittings are energy efficient and reduce heating costs and our unique triple seal system reduce noise levels in your home.

Luxurious living

Beyond saving energy, our elegant casement windows are attractive. Whatever your design needs, our friendly team can help you find the perfect bespoke solution for your home. We’re here to help.

Window Installation

Most of our window fittings take 1-2 days, while extensive works can take 3. Our work is always completed as efficiently as possible over consecutive days. We also offer a comprehensive aftercare service.

This time-lapse video offers a glimpse into the efficient and stress-free service our team provides when fitting casement windows.

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