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This is a job we did for Brian & Margaret Fernell in Castleconnell. We replaced standard windows that had espagonnette locks that are common in the window industry, with high security windows with added security , twin cam locking mechanism , hinge guards , steel reinforced, internally beaded etc… 

Brian Fernell


TUCON windows for a warmer home

Our bespoke windows are made to fit each home’s unique character just right. Providing high security windows as standard, TUCON’s stylish fittings are energy efficient and reduce heating costs and our unique triple seal system reduce noise levels in your home.

TUCON doors for a safer home

All our windows and doors are burglar-resistant. They also come fitted with the most up to date , high security lcoks so you can relax knowing your home is safe and secure

TUCON repairs and maintenance

We can repair your existing windows and doors at a fraction of the time and cost of installing new. Weather its a misted up glass unit or a broken lock, handle or hinge almost all cases we can repair your problem to nearly new condition.

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